Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing

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The Federation was founded in the year 2000. The founder members were Suomen Kalamiesten Keskusliitto ry (Association for Recreational fishing), Suomen Metsästäjä- ja Kalastajaliitto ry (Finnish Association for Hunters and Fishermen) and Suomen Urheilukalastajain Liitto ry (Finnish Federation for Sports Fishing).

The Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing promotes all kinds of recreational fishing which are beneficial for naturally self-renewing fish stocks in a sustainable and versatile way.

The Federation
-participates in the care of fish stocks and fishing waters through training recreational fishermen and involving itself in regional fishing areas

-maintains and develops recreational fishing by giving advice to casual fishermen, by publishing guides to fishing and fish handling, and by organizing competitions

-promotes fishing as a hobby for young people through extensive campaigns and fishing clubs

-promotes recreational fishing in the governmental chain of decision-making, and

-is an active participant in the international bodies of recreational fishermen.

You can participate in the Federation by joining one of over 630 recreational fishing, hunting or sports fishing associations or clubs. These associations have approximately 50 000 members.

These associations are a part of the central federation through regional recreational fishing districts. These districts promote fishing in their region, choose representatives for central federation meetings and maintain co-operation between different associations. The recreational fishing districts number thirteen.

The highest decision-making body of the Federation is the Annual General Meeting, and it is lead by the Board of Directors, which is assisted by the fishing and environment committee, the youth and family committee, the competition committee, the information committee and the tourism committee.