Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing


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The Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing is the only country-wide angling organisation in Finland.

The objectives of the FFRF are:
– promoting recreational fishing by emphasising its socio-economic significance and positive effects on human well-being,
– encouraging and guiding people to practice angling by offering training opportunities, especially for families to take up angling as a hobby,
– acting responsibly, participating in enhancing self-renewing fish stocks and considering the ethical issues related to fishing and
– participating actively in international angling bodies.
The Federation regroups 490 recreational fishing associations or clubs counting approximately 36 000 members.

Recreational fishing in Finland
Recreational fishing is one of the most popular sports in Finland. One in every three Finns goes fishing at least once a year. The number of recreational fishermen in Finland amounts to nearly 1.6 million. Approximately 40 % of male Finns are anglers, while 20% of females go fishing. Angling is becoming more and more popular, particularly among children (under 10 years) but also among adults of over 45 years of age.
The most frequent catches are perch and pike. The most common fishing methods include fishing with a hook and line, ice fishing and spin fishing.
Catch & release is a popular practise among recreational fishers.