Membership benefits

Membership benefits for FFRF

As a member of the FFRF you can enjoy the following benefits, among others:

Our membership magazine Vapaa-ajan kalastaja, 7 yearly issues, free

7 issues of Urheilukalastus (Sports Fishing) magazine at 32 euros per year (normal price 37 e)
When you subscribe to Urheilukalastus Magazine, 10 euros are used to promote competition activities by FFRF

5 issues of Perhokalastus (Fly Fishing) magazine at 27 euros per year (normal price 32 euros)
When you subscribe to Perhokalastus Magazine, 10 euros are used to promote competition activities by FFRF
Urheilukalastus and Perhokalastus dual subscription (7+5 issues per year) at 55,50 euros (normal price 62,50 e)
When you subscribe to both Urheilukalastus and Perhokalastus, 20 euros are used to promote competition activities by the FFRF

Viking Line gives a discount for recreational trips
Viking line offers a discount on group and individual trips for associations and members.  Click here for details.
Viking Line offers discounts on meetings and group trips for recreational fishermen?s associations.  For details, contact Maija Castren
When booking group trips for associations, you must use the FFRF customer number, which is 334705.

Teboil offers a discount for members who use their Teboil loyalty card.  The discount is 2,5 cents per litre of petrol, 2,5 cents per litre of diesel, 10% for lubricants and 5% for liquid gas.  Use a Teboil form to get your card.
In addition, Teboil donates 1 cent per litre to the Finnish Fishermen´s Federation stipend fund. The stipend fund is used to promote youth work by FFRF.



Guided fishing trips by the Gulf of Finland area
– Weekend trip for groups110e/person (norm. 130/person)
– One evening fishing trips 75e/person (norm. 85e/person)
Contact::, Matti Sjöbolm, tel. +358 44 276 6689,

OttiNetti is a fishing and catch diary, which is kept on the Internet.  Members get a discount of 40 to 60%.
50 euros per year gives your association the right to use it.
For more information, click here.

You can get a 10 to 15% discount on map products at Genimap Karttakeskus shops, or in their internet shop (  A 15% discount is given for road, recreational, cycling, canoeing and boating maps.  You can get a 10% discount for base maps, terrain maps, maps published by the National Board of Forestry, and sea charts.
You can get the discount by showing your FFRF membership card (the receipt for the membership payment), or you can go to the Karttakeskus web pages and create a user ID and password for yourself.  Make sure to type 1006 in the ?kampanjatunnus? field on the registration form.

Kaamasen Kievari
Kaamasen Kievari gives you a 10% discount on lodging.  If you stay longer than two nights, you are entitled to use a row boat for free.  For more information, click

Peeran Retkeilykeskus
Peeran Retkeilykeskus gives you a 10% discount on lodging.
FFRF fishing districts, associations and parties are entitled to lodging at partner price.  Please send your invitation to tender to Pentti Kiiskinen (lisää info).  For more information, go to

DVD movies and books
Assorted DVD movies and books on fishing at discounted prices. Go to


A 10% discount on the following items of life-saving clothing for the members of fishing associations.  If you order a minimum of 5 products, the discount is 20%.
Baltic Winner Zip with automatic inflation, manufacturer?s suggested retail price 127 e, or 105 e with manual inflation
Baltic 1244 Split Front life vest, msr 46 to 64 e, depending on weight
Baltic Fisherman life vest msr 85 e
Baltic Bergen flotation jacket msr 240 e
Baltic Bergen flotation trousers msr 120 e
Baltic Polar flotation overall msr 260 e
ProSailor Oy,
tel. +358 9 682 3900, fax. +358 9 682 3950, Veneentekijäntie 9, 00210 Helsinki,

For other membership benefits, click here